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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue Apr 12 22:51:07 IST 2011

Hi Kyle,

Cheers for the info. Yep, I've been saying ebay is the place to buy
parts for go-karts, especially if you are living close and don't have to
pay much for shipping. Glad to hear you got a good grade!

As for the sprocket, I remember having to swap out and change sprockets.
To make things easier I cut the sprocket with an angle-grinder. This
allowed me to remove and fit a new sprocket. Of course I had to weld the
sprocket together once bolted onto the sprocket carrier.

I totally agree. Its a ton of fun to drive a kart with gears. You can
get great torque in low gears, and then good speed in top gears.

Best of luck,

On 12/04/2011 03:21, Kyle Calder wrote:
> Yeah the rear sprocket is a bit to big so it will need to be adjusted
> to a smaller one. Which will hopefully happen in the near future! the
> motor does have a lot of power, definitely enough to make this little
> cart get moving :) I got some of the parts from an old go kart such as
> the rear axle, bearing hangers, and steering wheel. Then i bought
> things like the seat and wheels and tires used off of ebay. The only
> things i bought new were the bearings and spindles. It does take a bit
> of getting used to, but man it is fun to drive like that! And i did
> get a very good grade:) my shop teacher was very proud of me!
> Kyle
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> Hi Kyle,
> Thanks for emailing on the photos of your Go-Kart. It's great to see
> photos of karts people made using the information on kartbuilding.net
> <http://kartbuilding.net> To help and inspire fellow Kart Builders I
> put your pictures on the kartbuilding website at:
> http://kartbuilding.net/gallery/v/OtherPeoplesKarts/Kyle-Calder-Go-Kart/
> Your Go-Kart looks well. I bet there is a nice bit of power in that
> Yamaha engine. It may take a little getting used to having a clutch
> pedal and gear lever (stick shift), but I think it gives a lot more
> flexibility. With the gears you can have high torque and fast take
> off, and then on a straight a high gear will give good speed. You
> could even further adjust the size of the rear sprocket if you found
> it was too fast/slow in first gear.
> Did you buy the racing kart seat and wheels or did you manage to get
> them second-hand off another go-kart? People do be asking the best
> places to source these parts. Were there any other issues or problems
> you had to overcome or workaround. Feel free to email on any other
> info or photos and I can add it to the kartbuilding.net website to
> help others.
> I hope you got a good grade for this senior project :-) , it looks
> like you put a lot of time and effort into it.
> Cheers,
> -Steve
> On 07/04/2011 02:19, Kyle Calder wrote:
>> Hello there,
>> My names Kyle Calder and last year i was a senior at Philomath High
>> School in Philomath, Oregon. For my senior project i decided to build
>> a go kart and chose to follow your plans. I used most of the main
>> measurements for things like the frame and motor mounts, but then
>> designed a lot of my own aspects like the pedals and foot rests and
>> seat mounts. I attached a couple pictures to show you how it turned
>> out! thanks for the great plans :) it was really fun to build.
>> Kyle

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