[Kartbuilding] Info needed please!

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Thu Aug 4 00:03:08 IST 2011

Hi Fanny,

The average diameter of a kart wheel is 12" or 30cm (or 300 millimeters). 
For a Junior Kart, it would be approximately 10" or 25cm. Again it depends 
on if its a general kart, a racing kart or an off-road kart.

It might be worth taking a look at the following webpage: 
It has a link to a PDF where racing kart specs and dimensions are shown.

Best of luck,

On Mon, 1 Aug 2011, Fanny Detering wrote:

> Hello,
> I was on your website looking for information on how to build a Kart.
> I want to make a 1/4 scale model first, could you give me an indication of the diameter of a kart wheel for an adult Kart, and diameter of
> the wheel for a Junior Kart + overall dimensions?
> Do the dimesions vary for a simple GoKart compared to a Midget Kart?\
> Thanks a lot for the info provided on your website, it is great!
> Fanny L, Canberra Australia

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