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Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
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Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2011 23:29:23
From: Ron
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Subject: RE: Front stub axles and Kingins.  Off road Karts

Hi Steve, After a much delayed start have just completed the billy cart for our twin Grandsons.   Thanks to your info. I can report that
the steering works absolutely fine.  It centres and corners well.   Thanks again your help.  


Regards Ron Nicholl


From: Stephen Burke
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Subject: Re: Front stub axles and Kingins. Off road Karts


Hi Ron,

Thanks for your email and comments. I'm glad you are finding the kartbuilding.net website useful.

I see what you mean regarding "closeness of the wheel to the actual king pin". To put it another way, you are wondering how long the front
"Stub Axles" should be and if there is an ideal length.

Off-Road Kart Stub Axle  - http://kartbuilding.net/Freeplans/faxle.htm
Racing Kart Stub Axle -

The length of the Stub Axle shouldn't matter too much, but I would try and keep as little as possible. I know for the Off-road kart however
I left some extra room in case I wanted to fit brakes to the front wheels.
Also, whatever length of Stub Axle you choose, make sure that the front wheel will turn from right to left fully without hitting the

I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes and if you have any other questions.

Best of luck,

On 01/03/2011 02:28, Ron wrote:

G’day Stephen,  I have looked at your plans for some time now and have gained much in understanding some of the basics of Kart building. 
Thank you for an excellent presentation of the information.


I have one question which arises from modifying an off road two man billy cart to which I wish to fit a steering mechanism based on your
off road cart design.

I will be using the existing 16” BMX style wheels and this necessitates supporting the slim axle or hub at each end.


Is there any “ideal” for the closeness of the wheel to the actual king pin?   I note that your off road cart design appears to have quite
extended axles as compared to the racing Kart.  Also bought components appear to be very compact in keeping the wheel close to the kingpin.


Thank you.  By the way I do intend to work with the castor, camber and Ackerman guide lines.


Regards,  Ron Nicholl




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