[Kartbuilding] I'm building a cart using ur plans....I have a question!?

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Sat Dec 17 19:15:25 GMT 2011

Hi Jesse,

I'm glad you like the kart plans. Yes, there are few people on the 
Internet who seem to volunteer kart plans. I know people took the plans 
off my website - kartbuilding.net and started selling them on ebay!

Anyways, onto your question. It will be OK to use 3/4" box section. You 
will have to cut all the angles as it is very difficult to bend box iron.
(Even on one of my karts with tubing, I cut and welded the joints. See: 
http://kartbuilding.net/racingkart/Old_Racing_Kart/chassis.htm )

As long as you don't put too many cross braces, the chassis should be able 
to flex sufficiently. Make sure to not drill holes in the chassis. It will 
weaken it too much. Weld on lugs if you need to bolt/attach something to 
the chassis.

For an idea on a similar kart made from box section, see: 
While having square tubing may not look as nice as round tubing, if you 
have it left over, then you might as well put it to good use.

Best of luck,

On Thu, 15 Dec 2011, Jesse Grumbles wrote:

> Hello
> I recently decided to build a racing kart using your plans....I just want to start by thanking you for publishing your prints online at no charge.....it seems everyone is out to make a dollar these days and it saved me at least $30.00! It seems like a awesome setup and I can't wait to drive it.....anyway.....my question is as follows.....I know your directions state to use 25mm circle tubing to build the frame.....I happen to have a bunch of 3/4" square tubing left over from a different project and I'm wondering if that will work just as good as the circle tubing to build the frame? Will it change the rigidity and flex of the frame? Will it handle the same as using circle tube? I know it will work but my main concern is the flex of the frame while cornering....hope to hear from you soon and thank you!
> V/R
> Jesse G
> St. Marys county, Maryland
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