[Kartbuilding] Steering setup of Racing Kart

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Sat Dec 17 19:08:10 GMT 2011

Hi Ryan,

The steering setup of karts is quite tricky! It typically takes some trial 
and error to get it correct, and plenty of testing. You'd be best to go 
about adjusting the steering setup outside of racing season. It could get 
worse before it gets better.

I think you should do some more research before you go adjusting. The 
details on the steering setup on the karts on kartbuilding.net are only 
for general purpose karts. I suggest you take a read of: 
I also think you should go look at other racing karts, and compare their 
steering setup against your own steering setup.

Also, before you do change anything in the Steering setup of your kart, 
make sure to photograph and make note of all the angles. That way, if 
handling does get worse, at least you can put it back to the way it was.

Best of luck,

On Thu, 15 Dec 2011, Ryan Kierstead wrote:

> Hey I was able to check out your article on steering geometry. It was really helpful and easy to read. I am new to the karting
> world. I wanted to ask u a few questions. I have an OLD olimpic chassis that I got for next to nothing to try out the world of
> Kart racing. My brother builds race cars and I used his scales to set up the proper weights. We actually have this 20 year old
> chassis very well set up. No one can believe how fast I am. I have been the fastest Kart on the track multiple times, to no
> avail. Recently at a big points race on a 3/8 mile track I started 17 and flew up to 10th before I got into a collision that
> ruined my run. What happened is due to something in my geometry as far as I can tell. Whether on the straight seats or turns the
> Kart would dart quickly from side to side. It is and always has been way to sensitive and almost impossible to go in a perfectly
> straight line. I could never figure out why. After reading your article I believe it has to do with the faster and ackerman
> angles. My questions are to whether I should attempt to adjust one or both. And how might I go about doing it. My front spindle
> assembly is old and as far as i know there is no way to adjust the camber. I can however rotate the faster fairly easy. My
> problem is which way should I turn the top? Towards the front or the rear? Also, will doing these things mess up how effective
> my setup is now? I'm scared I will cause myself to be slower and i am debating on whether i should just keep the over sensitive
> steering.

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