[Kartbuilding] steering..?

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Wed Dec 14 22:00:49 GMT 2011

Hi Ross,

Ya, I myself prefer putting the track rods under the chassis. See:

However it does reduce the ground clearance. See Rear Elevation in:

I find that having the track rods under the chassis that it doesn't get in 
the way of the drivers feet and makes the drop-arm from the steering 
column a little neater.

You can of course however have the steering setup (track rods, steering 
arms) above the chassis. See page 4 and 5 of:

It won't affect the handling as long as you have the ackerman angle 
See: http://kartbuilding.net/racingkart/Old_Racing_Kart/ackerman.htm
Some people choose to reverse the ackerman angle so the steering arms 
point out towards the tyre, but I find this reduces the space too much.
You can weld/attach the steering arms to the "n" shaped yoke at the top. 
This will allow the track rods to be above the chassis. You can also have 
the steering arms point towards the front of the kart (with the same 
ackerman angle) - this is what is done on the highway street kart plans.

Best of luck,

On Mon, 12 Dec 2011, Ross Thompson wrote:

> hey mate..
> umm iv notice that your steering setup is under the floor of the go kart..
> i was wondering what changes would i need to make to be able to make it above the floor..
> do i need to change the castor angle?
> or can i just weld the track rods to the top or the king pin.. wihout it changing the way the kart handles
> Ragards
> Ross.

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