[Kartbuilding] sand buggy

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Fri Feb 18 21:56:48 GMT 2011

Hi Max,

Thanks for the email and photos. It's looking like a very cool go-kart.
The chunky tyres really make it! I can imagine how you'd need a steering
rack, it'll make it much easier.

That's a nice bit of pipe bending you got done. Did you do that yourself
or get someone to do it for you? I also notice that you got some of the
parts such as the steering arms and steering rack. Did you order them
online or get them off a local supplier? I get many questions from
people asking where to get parts. Usually I just say ebay or online.

Regarding welding, see attached a very quick image I made. When welding,
move the welding rod side to side, in an arc motion (like a Z path). I
remember when I started welding, trying to learn myself, it was all
spots and lumps (because I wasn't moving the welding rod correctly; I
was just hovering it randomly). I did get someone to show me how to
weld, the correct movement, and high amps and then I was flying.

I'm glad you found the kartbuilding.net website inspiring. That's
exactly what I was hoping for. In my opinion no two karts are the same,
and the website is to inspire people to make their own karts and designs.

Thanks for the photos, the two boys in the last one look like quite the
contenders for driving the kart. I'm sure there will be much fun and
enjoyment. If you send on a few more photos I can put them all up on the
kartbuilding.net gallery to help inspire fellow kart builders (
http://kartbuilding.net/gallery/v/OtherPeoplesKarts/ ).
I'll be interested to see how you setup the drive and steering. Are you
going to use a chain drive and clutch or a torque converter?

Talk to you later,

On 17/02/2011 01:09, Maximiliano Ichazo wrote:
>  Steve,
> A couple of months ago a friend of mine, one of my brothers and I began to build 
> a sand buggy. Basically we expect it will be kind of a go-kart plus a roll cage 
> with big tires. 
> I’m sending a few pictures: the very beginning (when we were measuring and 
> taking the main idea) to the current incomplete status. We still have to set up 
> the engine – 13hp Chinese lifan – brakes and other small details. 
> The model is our design inspired in the old Honda odyssey and other nice models 
> we found in the net.
> Our welding experience was zero however we are moving forward and we are having 
> a lot of fun. So far we spent about full six days of work and many hours 
> thinking about small problems, potential solutions and ideas.
> I have to thank you for your page because it provides very useful data and it 
> also encouraged us to begin with the project.
> When we have the buggy complete, I’ll send you more pictures.
> Bye,
> Max

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