[Kartbuilding] Great Work

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Sun Feb 6 15:54:38 GMT 2011

Hi David,

Thanks for your email and comments on the kartbuilding.net website. 
Typically I adapt kart designs myself to suit the engine. It would be sure 
interesting if your trying to build a four-wheel drive kart! There would 
be a lot of work in that. It might be easiest to make the kart bigger and 
use parts from a car.

If you get any photos, feel free to email them on, I'd sure be interested 
to see how you set things up.

Best of luck,

On Sat, 5 Feb 2011, David Tsan wrote:

> Thanks for all the awesome information you have on your site. I'm a
> high school senior and working on my own kart/design right now. I
> don't plan on using your exact kart designs but have gotten a lot of
> info from it. I'm still in the planning stage. I'm trying to get a
> good design down before starting on anything. The twist is I'm using a
> fourwheeler motor. I'm trying to figure out a nice design that will
> keep the kart low maneuverable. It's proving somewhat difficult with
> putting an engine that was designed to be sat above placed behind a
> person. Anyway, I just wanted to say good work on your site.
> David

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