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Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Fri Jan 7 19:58:56 GMT 2011

Hi Wilkin,

Yes, the books I mentioned are a little old.
Last year I bought the following book.

It still is in print. While its not as in-depth as the books I
originally mentioned this book does provide some good information on
making the kart as on the front cover of book.

I may have a few more pages of the book I had mentioned on the previous
web link. I'll send another email to you with this.

Best of Luck,

On 30/12/2010 04:09, Wilkin Wai Kin Chan wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> Thanks very much for your detailed advice. Its very helpful!
> but I have been searching on the 2 books you have said, but they seems
> to be out of print already. especially for the book "The NatSKA guide
> to karts and karting", I dont even know how the front page of the book
> looks like.... may be its too long ago.... you got other similar good
> books with topics on engine and chassis, you can suggest to me?
> p.s. the 2 photos you have attached on the web referring to chassis
> shape and design was real good!
> Thanks,
> Wilkin
> Stephen
> Burke" <http://us.lrd.yahoo.com/_ylc=X3oDMTBsdTZpcnZpBF9TAzM5ODMwMTAyNwRhYwNhZGRBQg--/SIG=1qedqhskn/EXP=1294891289/**http%3A//address.mail.yahoo.com/yab%3Fv=YM%26A=m%26simp=1%26e=stephen%2540sburke.eu%26fn=Stephen%26ln=Burke%26.done=http%253A%252F%252Fus.mc356.mail.yahoo.com%252Fmc%252FshowMessage%253FsMid%253D0%2526filterBy%253D%2526.rand%253D1793076195%2526midIndex%253D0%2526mid%253D1_159_AJKzo0IAASdiTRtp4Qy9hB%25252FMgJ8%2526f%253D1%2526fromId%253Dstephen%252540sburke.eu%2526m%253D1_159_AJKzo0IAASdiTRtp4Qy9hB%25252FMgJ8%25252C1_696_AIyzo0IAAR4UTRqZqA8nLmFZl5c%25252C1_1300_AJKzo0IAAW%25252FMTRn%25252BdAsi%25252FFXzwbc%25252C1_2084_AJOzo0IAAUz4TRgtBgwrdz%25252BQHzM%25252C1_2857_AJGzo0IAAWItTRZZWwCI4xlXixY%25252C1_3936_AI%25252Bzo0IAAWZiTRUgDgPAEwwxp%25252BA%25252C%2526sort%253Ddate%2526order%253Ddown%2526startMid%253D0%2526hash%253Dccb19f9dc0b4233e6bb021b59b282203%2526.jsrand%253D1558573%2526acrumb%253DJxNArS.VF7c%2526enc%253Dauto>
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> "Wilkin Wai Kin Chan"
> Cc:
> kartbuilding at lists.burkesys.com
> Hi Wilkin,
> I don't know any schools or colleges specialising in teaching people
> how to setup go-karts or repairing kart engines.
> I suggest you go to Amazon and look for a book "hayes small engine
> repair". There are a lot of good books on amazon showing how to take
> apart and repair go-kart engines. Of course the best way to learn is
> to get old engines and take them apart yourself.
> Tuning go-kart engines is a big and complicated area. It is one thing
> to repair an engine, it is much more difficult to tune and improve the
> performance of an ordinary engine.
> As for go-karts themselves, a very useful book would be "The NatSKA
> guide to karts and karting / authors: Brian Lord, Colin Fenwick and
> Ian Paddy" Castrol Ltd., 1984, 1984, 2nd ed."
> See http://lists.kartbuilding.net/2007-March/000372.html
> Best of luck,
> -steve
> On Wed, 29 Dec 2010, Wilkin Wai Kin Chan wrote:
> > Hello Sir,
> >  
> > Do you know any schools that specialise on teaching people how to
> setup go kart or repair go kart engines. If you know any, please refer
> to me and let me know.
> >  
> > Thanks,
> >  
> > Wilkin

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