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Fri Jan 7 19:51:17 GMT 2011

Hi Ali,

An indoor track can cost a lot of money.
The advantages however are that you can drive the karts no matter what
the weather.

If you have money available it might be a good investment to create an
indoor track.
Indoor tracks are usually smaller with lots of corners and in some cases
two levels high.

If you want answers on number of karts, engines, suppliers etc. I'm
afraid I don't have that information.
You would need to get in touch with someone who setup a kart racing
track. Unfortunately I never done this.

Take a look around on the Internet and see if you can find anyone else
who has first hand experience in karting tracks.

Best of luck,

On 30/12/2010 02:23, Ali Azizzadeh wrote:
> hi again and thank you so much for your help and attention.
> i am not profrssional in kart racing and because of that i need the
> help of somebody who is really professional to be sure that there wont
> be any mistake in that because in morocco there isnt any guy who know
> about this thing so i will explain to you my situation and you give me
> your best advice and information about that (please).
> we are in really small city who has only 30,000 people live in here
> but there is an univercity who has 2000 student and they are really
> rich so i think about them as a always customer but in five month of
> the year here is full of tourist 3 month in winter because here is the
> only place in morocco who has snow so there is ski here also and
> because here is only one everybody come here to ski or at least watch
> the snow so in these 3 month here is full of persons and we have 2
> month in summer andthat is because all of morocco is too hot so the
> tourists come to runaway from the high degree of the weather so for 5
> months here is full of people and the citizen will be around 250,000
> people but in the other months there are only the normal citizen who
> are normall or poor and 2000 student, so what is your thinking about
> that i want to know how many square meters will be enought to build
> that and should i build the long, normal or small size of that and how
> many rental kart i need ?how many with more powerfull engine and how
> many twin seat and if i must have, how many for the kids, and which
> company is better to buy the karts from who can always support me for
> spare parts and has good garanty on theire products , are the chinese
> karts company with the honda or kawasaki engine ok or i must buy
> from UK like biz kart or the others in europe or USA who are really
> more expensive than chineese?
> so if you can please tell me the name of the company that you think
> are better for my small project and i need to know mow many meter is
> the lenght and width of the road of kart that you recommand it and how
> many degree is each turn of the pist and each straight place is how
> many meter so i need the plan of the road that you recommand with
> every details and the good company to buy the stuffs from.
> please imagine yourself in this area and tell me what you will do? and
> i will follow the exact idea of you.
> PS: here is cold city so should i build that indoor? and is the road
> of karting normal or it need special stuff to build?
> thank you so much again

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