[Kartbuilding] Is it possible?

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Sun Jan 16 16:39:42 GMT 2011

Hi Ian,

You're the first person to ask about having a dog tow your kart! I never
done that myself.

I suggest you make the wooden go-kart first and then adapt it to see if
you can get a harness for the dog to tow it along. I suggest you make
the following kart: http://www.kartbuilding.net/Wooden_Go-Kart_Plans/
You might have to get a neighbour or friend to help you make the kart if
your not good with DIY.

You can tie a rope to the front axle (as it pivots and turns) and
somehow connect it to the dogs collar etc. in a safe way. You might have
to ask your folks or neighbour on using a harness with the husky. I'm
not sure would it be possible. It would only work at best on flat ground
with no hills.
You could always build a kart and just have pedals (

Best of luck,

On 15/01/2011 00:31, Yvonne Stephens wrote:
> Hi
>  My name is Ian, and my DIY skills are terrible!!! i haven't even
> wired a plug in 5 years! I have a Siberian Husky and I was looking at
> your go-cart plans on line and was thinking there has to be a way to
> adapt the plans so that my dog can pull it, Obviously I would have to
> make it as light weight as possible. I know from past attempts with
> things that the dog does not like to have ropes or chains going down
> towards the floor from his harness and so it would have to attach to
> him from above, kind of like you would a horse and carriage. I don't
> know yet if i want to ride on the cart or just have him pull it. but
> either way I am thinking breaks would be a good idea too. So I am
> emailing you because you seem to have an Idea about how to make stuff
> and do all that DIY stuff I am so terrible at, to see if you have any
> ideas that you could pass on to me.
> thank you for your time
> Yours
> Ian
> Bradford
> Yorkshire
> England

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