[Kartbuilding] thanks for feed back

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Fri May 6 18:50:37 IST 2011

Hi Bruce,

I'm only too happy to email my thoughts and feedback.
I'm here in Ireland. It shows how global the internet is. People email
from all directions about kart queries.

Ah! I didn't realise there was a centifugal clutch built into the motor!
That makes things nice and easy. Did you procure the engine specially or
was it re-purposed from somewhere else such as a water pump or generator?
I'm sure the students liked the idea of dipping the chassis! I was
wondering if one or two of them had to go painting it manually :-)
The chassis does look very well with the zinc finish. It makes a job of it.
Are the pedals a little on the big side?

That is interesting about the three wheeled suzuki motor bike. Was it a
sort of trike? Did it have a single front wheel to steer with? The
method you have adopted with the single rear drive wheel makes things a
little easier, in that you don't need to have a differential (if you had
of used a solid live rear axle).


On 06/05/2011 02:42, Bruce White wrote:
> Hi Stephen
> Where abouts in the world are you?
> Thanks for the feed back.
>  I have no objections re posting the pics I have hundreds showing the
> students engaged in the project. Its all part of an south Island school
> competition which is getting students engaged in engineering.
> The kart in the pics we finished last year ( it does have a centrifugal
> clutch built into the motor)
> We had the frame zinc dipped
> The concept came from the three wheeled suzuki motor bike, and we tried it
> first by adjusting the wheels on our old kart.  pics to follow later
> Thanks again , Bruce
>  Hi Bruce,
>> Thanks for emailing on the photos. The three wheeled kart looks well put
>> together and nicely finished. To provide inspiration to other
>> kartbuilders around the globe, I've put the photos on the
>> kartbuilding.net gallery at:
>> http://kartbuilding.net/gallery/v/OtherPeoplesKarts/three-wheeled-kart/
>> Let me know if you have any objections.
>> Was painted it with Zinc or Aluminium?
>> Regarding castor and camber angles, I can see from the photos you
>> emailed on, that you have used both the camber and castor angle.
>> There are many different view and opinions on the camber and castor
>> angles for karts.
>> The castor angle will help the kart move forward in a straight line if
>> the steering wheel is let go.
>> The camber angle is typically used in karts with four wheels, with a
>> live rear axle to make steering easier. With a solid live rear axle, a
>> kart has a tendency to go in a straight line even when the front wheels
>> are turned.
>> You can read more at:
>> http://blog.kartbuilding.net/2007/07/12/steering-geometry-and-setup-for-go-karts/
>> As yourselves have a 3 wheeled kart, with a single live rear wheel, in
>> my opinion you may not require a camber angle.
>> I also notice from the photos that ye have gone with a direct chain
>> drive from the engine to the rear axle. I've used this setup before, its
>> quite easy and straight forward. In my case I got someone to push start
>> the kart. I have found however that getting a centrifugal clutch makes
>> things much easier as the kart can be stationary when the engine idles.
>> (
>> http://blog.kartbuilding.net/2007/06/26/using-a-centrifugal-clutch-and-chain-drive/
>> )
>> I hope this info helps.
>> If you take any more photos, please email them on and I can put them up
>> on the kartbuilding website to inspire and give ideas to people.
>> Best of luck with the rest of the build,
>> -steve
>> On 05/05/2011 01:37, Bruce White wrote:
>>> Hi Stephen
>>> I am a teacher at a small school in Twizel New Zealand and my senior
>>> engineering class are building a grass kart. The  difference is it only
>>> has effectively three wheels as we have put the two rear wheels together
>>> on a rear axle which is only 500mm long.
>>> I would appreciate some help or suggestions on how to set up our front
>>> wheels ie castor and camber angles if in fact any are needed.
>>> Cheers,  Bruce White

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