[Kartbuilding] Boys & Girls Clubs of The NorthTowns - Annie's Place Teen Center hope you can help guide me on a fundraiser I am hoping to do

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Fri Nov 18 18:49:48 GMT 2011

Hi Christine,

>From reading your email, I am immediately reminded of the "red bull soap 
box race". See http://www.redbullsoapboxusa.com/ and 

Most of the fun and excitement is in people coming up with their own 
whacky designs, and building the karts from whatever parts and things they 
can find in their back garden.

If you prepare a "standard" kart, with set out plans, it can get costly 
buying quantities of parts. It would work out cheaper if people built 
their own karts from old bycycles and pieces timber.

You'll also have to decide whether you want people to have engines, or 
like the red bull soap box race, just have it on a hill and race that way. 
Again, if you want everyone to have an engine, the costs will increase a 
lot, and it gets more technical to build the kart and to have a 
transmission setup.

You can of course, use any of the plans on the kartbuilding.net website. 
Most of the kart chassis can easily be increased to suit a large adult. 
It's usually just to make the chassis a little longer to accomodate longer 

I do think it can be done as a fund raiser, for people to enter the race, 
and maybe too for people to come and watch.

If you have any specific questions on any parts of making a kart, just 
drop us an email.

Best of luck,

On Mon, 14 Nov 2011, christine hausrath wrote:

> Hi Stephan
> I was very happy to see your site regarding GoKarts and I am hoping you can help me or guide me on a Fund Raiser I am hoping to have this
> upcoming year.
> I am on the Board (Vice President) for The Boys & Girls Clubs of The NorthTowns located at 54 Riverdale Avenue Buffalo NY 14207. Since Grants and
> donations aren't
> as plentiful as they use to be, I know we need to think out of the box, so my thoughts were....how fun would it be to have a  Corporate Challenge
> Grown Up GoKart Race.
> I think opening the door to have everyone build their own Karts and decorate them and having a party after the race would be not only a great
> time . I think this would be a great time for everyone and opening the doors to a challenge could really help us out this year for items the kids
> need at :The Club".
> So my question to you is......is there a way we could maybe offer plans for size to accommodate adults??? Is this something you could help guide
> me through??
> I am hoping to ask "Chevrolet PowerTrain" if we could hold the function there....but I need to start this project now so I can reach out to
> businesses in our Western New York area to raise funds.
> Please let me know your thoughts??? Do you think this would be something that can be tweeked to do as a fundraiser???
> Many Thanks!!!
> Send'n a Smile!!!
> Christine Hausrath   
  VP Executive Board - The Boys & Girls Clubs of The NorthTowns

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