[Kartbuilding] Hello there

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Sun Oct 23 22:02:51 IST 2011

Hi Rokas,

Thanks for your email.

I'm afraid I never did get around to fully completing the kart plans on
While I don't have the time to complete the plans at the moment, I can
email on a drawing with the main measurements if that would help. You
could then use some of the details on:
http://kartbuilding.net/Freeplans/plans.htm for the steering and pedals.

If you like the kart as shown on  http://www.vintagekarts.com/kart1.jpg
then you can download the plans for it on:
It is a little lightweight alright, and may not be strong enough for
off-road terrain.

As for where to get parts, you can get a lot of the parts from old
mopeds and motorcycles. You can get the engine, chains, sprockets and
brakes from old motorcycles. The rest of the parts can be got in any DIY
or hardware shop.

If you have any specific questions just ask. If you want some drawings
of the off-road kart as on 
http://blog.kartbuilding.net/2008/04/10/preview-off-road-kart-plans/ let
me know.

Best of luck,

On 22/10/2011 22:51, Rokas Pranskevičius wrote:
> Hello there! I'm reading your blog for a while now and I've recently
> found an old your blog entry about an off road
> kart: http://blog.kartbuilding.net/2008/04/10/preview-off-road-kart-plans/ I
> was just wondering if that kart's plans have ever came out? I'm
> looking forward to build a kart at the next summer, because i was
> dreaming about that for a long time. I'm looking for easiest variant,
> because I'm just a starter. Was thinking about something like
> this: http://www.vintagekarts.com/kart1.jpg perhaps a bit more
> aggressive, but still simple. Also, it would be great if you would
> make any list from where you got parts for your karts, what engines do
> you use etc. I'm really sorry if Im bothering you. If so, then
> nevermind. :) I hope you will reply me. Thank you very much. By the
> way, sorry for my english.. 

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