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Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Tue Jan 3 19:32:24 GMT 2012

Hi Alden,

Thanks for your email and interest in the kart plans on www.kartbuilding.net

Unfortunately I don't have all the kart plans available in inches. You
will have to convert from "millimetres" to inches yourself for the kart
plans. 25mm = 1inch. Therefore if you divide the millimetre dimensions
by 25, you will convert it into inches.

As for an itemized parts list, for the racing kart see the following
It lists the main components you will need. Some can be made from
welding pieces of steel together. Others such as the wheels and engine
can be gotten from ebay and local hardware stores.

Best of luck,

On 28/12/2011 22:05, Alden Scott Elm wrote:
> Hi,
>     My name is Alden Elm, and I have been wanting to build a go kart
> for awhile now and I came across your website and I am really
> impressed your diagrams. So I was wondering if you could email me an
> itemized Parts list and set of plans in inches so I can start building
> one. I would greatly appreciate it if you could me that. you can email
> me back at this email or you can send them to elmatiecompany.com.
> Preferably this email. Once again I would like to say I was very
> impressed with your website and diagrams.

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