[Kartbuilding] Gear changing

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Wed Jul 4 21:37:52 IST 2012

Hi Dan,

For the gear stick, see the following pages:

If you look closely, you can see the gear stick in the following photos
of my kart:

On a different kart, I done the following gear setup linkage:

I found the gear change very sensitive, and had to adjust the linkage to
try and make it work smoother.
I also tried mounting the gear change lever directly to the gearchange
shaft in the gearbox, however the gearchange was too sensitive. Perhaps
it depends on what your dirt bike engine is like.

I hope this helps.
Best of luck,

On 25/06/2012 00:04, Danyen wrote:
> Hello.
> The plans and setup u give are very good, now u have a clutch pedal but nothing about actually changing the gears, I want to put a dirt bike engine on it for racing but how and where does the gear stick/shifter go?
> From Dan :D

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