[Kartbuilding] Centrifugal Clutch Problem

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Wed Jul 4 23:56:13 IST 2012

Hi Jarek,

Ya, the centrifugal clutches can get quite hot, especially if you are
stopping and taking off a lot, or going up steep hills. I've seen the
paint smolder from the outside casing. If it continues smoking after a
few days, I'd take a look at it.

What gearing setup do you have? I.e. whats the gear ratio? You'd need a
gear ratio of 5:1 depending on the size of the rear wheels you have. If
you have large diameter rear wheels, you may need to increase the size
of the sprocket on the rear axle, so you get a gear ratio of 6:1. Also,
how is your take-off speed? Is there good low end torque when going
slow? If not, then your gearing ratio may need changing.

Hope it works out ok for you.

P.S. glad you found the kartbuilding.net website useful.

On 29/06/2012 07:55, Jarek Steffen wrote:
> Hi Stephen! I recently had my 5 hp Briggs and Stratton motor cleaned up; as well as replaced the centrifugal clutch. I am guessing that these clutches get super hot cause of the moving parts, right? After a little while of use, the clutch will smolder a bit. Is this because of the factory oil burning off or is there a problem? Btw, GREAT sight on centrifugal clutches, it was very informative. 
> Please help,
> Jarek Steffen

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