[Kartbuilding] Lawnmower powered go-kart with 16in. wheels

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Thu Jul 12 23:02:05 IST 2012


You can use 16in bike wheels. It might however make the kart a little too 
high off the ground however and going around corners, the kart may not be 
that stable.

With the larger wheels, you will need to gear down further. I.e. you'll 
need a small pulley on the engine and a very large pulley on the rear 
axle. For 16" wheels, you'd need a ratio of 8:1.

You could try it and see. You could always change the wheels afterwards if 
you got strong 12" ones.

Best of luck,

On Thu, 5 Jul 2012, Emmett wrote:

> Hi, i am about to start working on building the lawnmower powered go-kart and was wondering if i could use 16in. bike wheels instead of the 12in. wheels you suggested to use. Would i be able to build the same or would i have to make changes because of the bigger wheel size?
> From,
>      E in America

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