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Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Mon Oct 29 19:23:48 GMT 2012

Hi Luke,

Making a go-kart for the first time requires some trial and error. This
is especially the case if you are using old wood from a wardrobe.

Look through the images and pictures of the simple wooden go-kart at:

Try and get the wheels next. Getting the wheels can be difficult. Find
the parts and materials bit by bit and go from there.

Best of luck,

On 26/10/2012 07:16, luke keys wrote:
> hello i just have seen yuor website on go karting  this half term i
> gowing to make a go kart but i wont to make it so me and m borthoer
> and siter can go in it i got wood form the wall drobe and im just
> wordring who t do it

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