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Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Tue Sep 18 22:53:14 IST 2012

Hi Andy,

If the belts are burning out, you definitely need to change the size of
the pulley wheels.

You really need a gearing ratio of 5:1 (or if you have large wheels, you
need a ratio of 8:1)
So for every 5 turns of the engine, the rear axle turns 1.

For this you'll need a small pulley on the engine and a large (5 times
the diameter) pulley on the rear axle.
If you cannot find a small or large enough pulley to suit, you may have
to setup an intermediate axle and use two belts and sets of pulleys.
Similar to sprockets and chains on
where an intermediate (or tranny) axle is used.

The one wheel drive should be fine.

Let us know how it goes.
Best of luck,

On 13/09/2012 01:20, Andy wrote:
> I have gotten a lot of info off your website and has really helped. I am still having some problems and if have advice would appreciate it. So I have an old homemade kart frame all the steering and everything good. Got a 6.5 hp horizontal motor, found needed a clutch pulley on it so doesn't run without hitting gas. Thought was all good runs great in the air on my lift, but when on ground won't move cart even empty just burns out belts??? Any idea on problem??  Not sure if size of pulley on wheel matters or what if need anything else let me know hope you can help. This is only driving one wheel not a live axel. Thanks for time
> Andy
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