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Tue Sep 18 23:54:04 IST 2012

Hi Christian,

A treadmill motor would be designed to run off 110 or 240 volts. A car
battery is 12 volts.
You may be able to get a transformer to allow the motor (110v) run off a
12 volt car battery, however it may not run for very long.

It would be worth looking at the following document which a fellow
kartbuilder created. Its an electrical vehicle and they go through the
type of motor and battery they used.

Best of luck,

On 29/08/2012 21:41, Christian Ochoa wrote:
> Dear kartbuilding at gmail.com <mailto:kartbuilding at gmail.com>,
>       I was wandering what would happen if i use a car battery and a
> treadmill motor? Whats your opinion. Also how do I do a simple go kart
> front and back axle?
> From,
> codiaz03 at gmail.com <mailto:codiaz03 at gmail.com>

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