[Kartbuilding] Frame for a kart

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Mon Sep 24 23:34:26 IST 2012

Hi Typiche,

I don't have plans for a hammerhead 250 chassis. It would be quite
involved having full suspension.
If you had access to an old one, you could measure it up and reverse
engineer it.

Typically the engines I use are from small motorbikes. Air-cooled,
around 100-200cc with manual gears and a clutch. It's is nearly easier
using this type of engine as it is a complete unit and no need to create
a tranny axle to provide low gearing.

Best of luck,

On 22/09/2012 11:57, ty piche wrote:
> Dear kartBuilding
> Do you have plans for a replacement frame like hammerhead 250?if so
> can you give me a email.
> I would be abliged to hear from you.
> Sincerely
> Typiche7
> P.s.
> Do you know what recomended engine that cheap that could be used on a
> minicart?
> Thx

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