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Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Mon Jan 28 19:53:47 GMT 2013

Hi Finlay,

I've never built an electric kart. A fellow kartbuilder has, and he sent
on a PDF document of how he made it.
See: http://kartbuilding.net/other_karts/Making_an_Electric_Vehicle.pdf
Using a starter motor from a car and using some car batteries.

Another idea would be to look at electric golf buggies. Maybe you could
get an old scrapped one, and take its motor and batteries.

Best of luck,

On 23/01/2013 17:19, Finlay Clarke wrote:
> Hi Stephen,
> Thanks for your  help. The cart we are making is going to have an
> electric motor so we need some battereis and an electric motor, so any
> sugestions on that? also it has to be fairly cheap. We have been
> lokking on eBay for motors and batteries, but most of them either
> don't have enough wattage, from america, or are to expensive (as we
> are in scotland).
> Thanks 
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>     Date: 22-Jan-2013 23:21
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>     Hi Finlay,
>     You can get brakes, sprockets, a chain and a motor from an old
>     motorcycle. I suggest you get an old air-cooled two-stroke
>     motorcycle of
>     around 150cc.
>     Wheels can be tricky. Wheels from a small caravan would be ideal
>     as they
>     would be road worthy and have hubs and an axle. This however might be
>     tough to get.
>     Wheels from an old ride-on lawnmower would be another option.
>     Perhaps go
>     down to your local "hire" shop where you can hire out lawnmowers -
>     they
>     may have old scrapped ride-on lawnmowers and you might get the
>     wheels cheap.
>     Mention you are making it as part of a club in school etc and you may
>     get some free parts!
>     As for the weight of a kart, with the engine and wheels it could be
>     80-100kg without the driver.
>     Best of luck,
>     -steve
>     On 22/01/2013 16:15, Finlay Clarke wrote:
>     >
>     > hi, i am just wondering how much the finished racing go kart would
>     > way? and were would a good place to get cheap wheels, brakes and
>     > motors? we are building it as part of our young engineers club and
>     > would love some advice?
>     >

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