[Kartbuilding] Question about image

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Tue Jul 23 23:32:49 IST 2013

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your email. Yes - you can use any of the images on the
kartbuilding.net website for your flyers.

If you or anyone there has any specific questions, just drop us an
email. Also, when ye get to make some of the push carts it would be
great if you could forward on some photos of them!

Best of luck,

On 19/07/2013 00:02, Steve Nepil wrote:
> Hey, my name is Steve. I'm a youth pastor out in Colorado. In a few
> months, I'll be doing putting on a push cart derby at a parish event
> with my teens. Its only a local event and there will no money or
> profit, or anything like that. Just an event for fun. I was looking
> for plans online and your plans and images seemed to be the simplest
> and best design. Would you be alright if I used the computer image of
> the cart for a flyer and referred them to your website for ideas on a
> plan. I just thought I'd make sure that is alright with you. Thanks!
> -Steve

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