[Kartbuilding] Camber and Castor

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Tue Jul 23 23:44:48 IST 2013

Hi Andrew,

The castor angle is generally between 20 and 25.
The Camber Angle can be around 10 degrees. For rear wheel drive with no
differential, where both rear wheels turn together, then a larger camber
angle (around 10) is used as it helps cornering.
If your kids go-kart is a push kart, or does not have two fixed rear
wheel drive then 5-7 degrees will be ok.

If you could tack weld it and test it, and then fully weld it when you
are happy - that would be ideal.
In the beginning I found I had to adjust the angles a lot to get certain
karts to handle well.

Best of luck,


On 05/07/2013 15:46, Andrew Illick wrote:
> Hello Stephen,
> Are the following angles good for a non-suspension go kart?
> Camber= 5 to 7 degrees
> Castor = 20 to 25 degrees
> I am repairing my kids' go kart and want it to handle well.
> thanks!
> Andrew Illick
> Covington, GA

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