[Kartbuilding] Simple Wooden GoKart (Variance)

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Wed Jul 24 00:24:06 IST 2013

Hi Justin,

Thanks very much for the email you sent me last month. Sorry I didn't
get a chance to reply. Thanks for the photos of the wooden kart - it
looks great! The tipper body on the rear is a great idea! Lots of room
to let them haul toys and no doubt their friends around. It also looks
like a friend could be pushing the kart at the back and then hop up into
the tipper body and coast away (kind of like a bob sled!).

Ya, the main center piece for the chassis of the wooden kart makes it
really solid.

Indeed - the steering is the most difficult part. Especially for a
person who doesn't have access to welding. Typically most steering is
done through front pivoting stub axles (as you have shown). Making this
from timber can be weak.
Its nearly easier to steer with your feet. See:
However this type of kart - while really strong does not lend itself to
having a steering front end.
For a wooden go-kart with steering, you'd need to follow something like:
However it would be a lighter build - and if you had a heavy person on
the kart it would be difficult to steer.

Anyways, thanks for your email and photos. I put the photos up at:
If you make any more modifications, feel free to email on some photos
and I can add them up too.

Best of luck,

On 08/06/2013 11:07, Justin KING wrote:
> Dear Kartbuilding,
> Firstly, thankyou very much for putting the plans on the net, for
> free.  It was truly appreciated.
> I’m in Brisbane Australia and I have 2 boys age 5 and 7.  I used the
> basis of your design to add a little extra flavour for the boys who
> love the idea of a tipper truck.  I thought I would share it with you.
> I made the overall length a little longer and I had a seat from an old
> electric go Kart that had broken down soon after buying it.  I bought
> the wheels from a major hardware chain for about $10 each.  I had 2
> old door frame hinges I used for the tipping action.  This thing is so
> solid, even I have ride it (I am 6 ft and weigh just under 90kgs
> (about 198 Lbs))
> I have, however, found the steering is too difficult for my boys to
> operate, so it doesn’t get used as much, so I am working on a
> different steering solution.  I have attached a picture of the basic
> design (Did it in Sktech up.  I just need to work out the linkage from
> the steering arm to the steering wheel shaft (I’ll work it out, I’m
> just sharing).
> You are welcome to use the pictures on your site if you wish.  Please
> don’t put my email address up, I don’t want to answer a million
> questions about the shade of blue on the seat, let alone any other
> queries!  But you can use my name and location.
> Again, thankyou for your info on the site, the drawings were well
> detailed and very helpful!
> Regards
> Justin King

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