[Kartbuilding] About kart chassis

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Fri Sep 6 23:32:34 IST 2013

Hi Raj,

You are correct - for an electric kart, with the extra batteries, you
would need to have a stronger chassis.

You can still use the same chassis design, but just have extra cross
braces and extra supports.
I don't have a new chassis design for an electric kart.
You will have to make up the design and extra supports yourself.

Best of luck,

On 24/07/2013 19:49, Raj Patel wrote:
> Hey I m raj patel from India I had raed your description I m
> automobile final year student I want to make elecctric gokart in final
> project so what r the changes required in chassis design because it
> twice weight than normal kart
> I don't want fuel efficiencient kart but e kart that can make neck to
> neck race with gas power kart
> So can give me some link for new chassis design

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