[Kartbuilding] Go kart Transmission

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Mon Oct 20 20:53:00 IST 2014


A Manual gearbox would require a clutch.
Gearboxes and clutches tend to be heavy and in some cases heavier than
an engine.
Typically you would use/get a motorcycle engine which would come with a
clutch and gearbox all built-in.

CVT is typically done using a torque converter which is belt driven.
So if you can get/buy a good proper CVT/Torque converter - then this
will be the easiest solution.

Best of luck,

On 18/10/2014 12:47, Digvijay Chudmunge wrote:
> Hello Sir,
>              We are participating in a go kart racing event and we
> required some assistance regarding the transmission of the go kart.
> So which kind of transmission should we use CVT or manual gearbox ??
> If CVT then which kind of CVT should we use for 6.5 BHP engine
> Please reply as soon as possible  

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