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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 19:23:04 IST 2006

Hi Lucas,
Firstly for suspension - you would get away without it by having low
tyre pressure, however if you have a lot of bumps etc. then suspension
might well spare your kart from taking all the knocks and bumps. I
would make the kart first without suspension - test and see - and then
put in suspension afterwards if it needed it.
70kph - seems like an ok speed - around 40mph. That is do able with a
70cc motorbike engine with gears - that would be in the straight and
flat ground. if you hope to do 70mph over bumps and up hills - you'd
need a beefer engine.
Excluding cost of engine, but buying everything else incl. bearings
and weels - 350 euros.

Best of Luck

> Hi my name is lucas wilson and I have been thinking about building a go kart
> for a long time and have been thinking that this may be a great winter
> project. If i built a kart it would definitely be used off-road and i had a
> few questions. First of all do i need suspension ? I would ride it mostly on
> dirt roads and maybe a few sections of atv trail. Secondly i would like to
> hit a 70 kph at least and i was wondering if there was a particular engine
> you would recommend to reach this speed. I have experience with HONDA ct 70
> engines, do you think that a 4 speed 70cc engine could do this? Also
> assuming that all of the labour would be done by me, realistically what do
> you think that it would cost excluding engine?
> Thanks a lot
> Lucas Wilson

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