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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 19:25:11 IST 2006

Hey steve,
I have got one more question, i need to know if a push bike's
chain and gears would be suitable or if they would break. Can you also reply
to my
dad's e-mail instead of mine because i'm going to make a new e-mail address,
my dad's e-mail is

thanks alot, I'll e-mail anymore questions i have.

>Hi Liam,
>Well using 1" or 1.5" (20 - 25mm) box iron is the simplest to weld/
>bolt togethor. You can get lighter materials if you have a good welder
>Standard box iron with 2-3mm wall thickness will be ok.
>As for wheels - this is always the problem and depends on whether you
>want to buy new ones or whether you are going to wait and try and
>collect 4 of the same wheels.
>Flat, wide wheels are best.
>It depends on the weight again - if you are going to be worried about
>weight - then you will have to watch - because the wheels can be a
>very heavy part of the kart.
>Have a read through the website and the other peoples karts there. If
>you have a specific question, email me and I will do my best to
>Best of Luck,

> > hey,
> >
> > I've just visited your website and i need some advise. I'm starting to
> > a cart with a 2 stroke 160cc lawn mower engine and i'm not sure what
> > to use for the frame (weight wise). I also need to know what sort of
> > to use and any other advise would be great.
> >

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