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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 10:19:55 IST 2006

Hi Boyd,

Not a bother, best of Luck with it.

On 4/19/05, Boyd Mole  wrote:
> Hi,
> again it might be a while till i finish my kart but when i do i'll send you
> some pics.
> bye for now
> Boyd


Do send on photos of your kart, and I will put them on the website no hassle.
In relation to placing the engine beside the driver, initally I was
concerned also, however it just makes life easy when working with a
motorbike engine. The gearlever and lengths of cables e.g. throttle
and clutch would have to be increased in length to suit being behind
the drivers seat.
Best of Luck

On 4/17/05, Boyd Mole wrote:
> Hi thanks to you i found your site the best so far with stuff on how to
> build a kart from scratch. i've scaned so many karting sites for free plans
> and yours is the only 1 i've found the best. i liked your designs but the
> only thing i didn't agree with is the way you have the motor next to were
> your sitting but still a good looking cart. i am using most of your ideas
> off your site for my kart that i'm building i only started yesterday on the
> frame. I'll send some pics soon thanks for the great site. =]
> 17/4/2005
> Boyd

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