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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 10:20:55 IST 2006

could you give me a quote on how much the the project would cost ,
because may advise me that i should have a buguet

thanks and i will contact if i need any help.

Stephen Burke  wrote:
Hi a.j.,

I wrote the website <"www.skynet.ie/~steviewdr"> so I wouldnt have to
be typing out guides in emails.
You will need to go through the above website. There is a simple
wooden kart located at the following position on the above website:

What engine would you need - well that wooden kart uses a lawnmower
engine. A similar sized engine would do fine. It would be best if the
drive shaft (power axle coming from the engine) came out the side of
the engine instead of underneath as with a lawnmower.

Wheels - what every type you can get. Tyres off a hand trolley with
air inside them. It would be best if the hubs (middle of the wheel)
was metal, so you can attach them to the rear axle.

I havent time to elaborate on every other aspect. Go through the
entire website, and after that you will have a good idea on building a

Best of Luck,

On Apr 5, 2005 9:08 AM, ayojide orekoya wrote:
> to whom it may concern,
> i saw your website and wondered if you could give me a simple guide to
> building my first go cart with an engine. i would like you to please send me
> a list of things i would need . like the engine type what type of wheels
> e.t.c . and a picture guide to building a frame what tools i would need.
> please could make it a very simple step by step plan i am only 12 years
> old
> yours truly
> a.j

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