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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 11:27:19 IST 2006

Hi Dawie,

The axle is attached to the chassis using a "pillar" bearing. This
type of pillar bearing houses balls and rollers in the middle of it.
This pillar bearing can be bolted to the chassis.
To preventing welding the axle to the bearing (which would melt the
seals, and may damage the bearing) there is what is called a
"grubscrew". All this basically is, is a bolt that you tighten and it
tightens onto the rear axle, preventing the axle from spinning inside
the bearing.
If you got a look at a few different types of bearings you would see exactly.

A differential can be added to the kart. Small ones exist on Tractor
(ride-on) lawnmowers and should be ok for a kart.
Best of Luck

On Tue, 16 Nov 2004 19:13:05 +0200, Dawie Marais
> Hi there!
> My name is Dawie Marais and I live in South Africa. Before I continue I want
> to apologise for any mistakes in this E-mail, since I'm actually Afrikaans!
> I saw your free plans for building a go kart on the Internet and I would
> like to ask a couple of things about it.
> Firstly I was wondering about how the rear axle must be atached to the
> chassis. In the first place I would like to know wat grubscrewing is? (for
> ataching the bearings to the axle) and secondly I wondered if it isn't
> possible to weld the axle to the bearing and again to the chassis?
> Secondly I was wondering if a differential could be added to the cart. Is
> this possible? Do small diffs like these exist?
> I would very much like it to build a kart like this and I would apreciate it
> if you could answer my questions.
> Thanks a lot!
> Dawie Marais

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