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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 11:27:41 IST 2006

Having two engines is a good complaint!
Yes, you could use the 3hp reel engine for the first kart. The second
kart will always be better made anyways.
Does the reel engine have any gears? If they did, then it would be a
lovely little engine.
It sounds like you and your children are getting loads of enjoyment
out of kart building, which is great to hear.
Best of Luck
Keep us informed. Feel free to send any pictures of the engines and
karts this way.

On Mon, 15 Nov 2004 09:18:51 +1100, JENNINGS Trevor

> Good morning Steve,
> Thanks for the quick reply,
> Bit of a dilemma....I mentioned the 7 HP Kawasaki power plant well on
> the weekend I was given a reel mower complete with engine and all of the
> bits that make it go the question is should I use the mower set up on
> this kart to make sure every one enjoys karting ( which I'm sure they
> will ) and keep my new Kawasaki for our ( Next ) super kart project ??
> I think the reel mower is about 3 hp in comparison.
> My three children have all been testing the kart this weekend with
> additions of a roll cage and steering wheel.
> We are all having a great time building this machine.
> Thanks in advance
> Trev

> Hi,
> Ya a 25mm axle will be ok. Its about the minimum size you would need.
> If the length between axle carriers (bearings/ bushings on the rear
> axle) is greater than 800mm I would use a thicker axle. 25mm should do
> fine for yourself.
> The 7hp engine with centrifical clutch sounds like a solid stable
> build and you shouldn;t have too many head aches.
> Any other questions, drop us an email.
> Best of Luck
> -steve
> On Fri, 12 Nov 2004 09:33:11 +1100, JENNINGS Trevor
> > Good morning Steve,
> > Well what a great kart site you have built,
> > A quick question ....
> > I am building a Father and son kart project and we are nearly at the
> rear axle stage Q: Do you think that the rear axle size of 25mm is large
> enough ??
> > The wheels are 10 inch with a 7 Hp Kawasaki engine with centrifical
> clutch only  .
> > I eagerly look forward to your response
> > Regard
> > T.J
> >

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