[Kartbuilding] Go kart

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Mon Aug 13 09:23:35 IST 2007

Hi Nick,

There is a very simple wooden kart design which has a very simple steering 
setup (and simple brakes) at:

I would however suggest that you try and setup a proper steering system 
with a steering column. The best plans and details to follow would be:

I suggest you concentrate on the steering setup firstly. The brakes can be 
added at a later state. Have a look at the above plans for the steering 
setup. If you have any specific questions etc. feel free to email and ask.

Best of Luck,

On Sat, 11 Aug 2007, Nick Garton wrote:
> hi Stephen.
> I am in the progress of designing a go kart and i have looked upon many websites on the internet and have found many plans but all seem far to complicated for a first time attempt. I thought the progect would be simple by adding an engine to a box standard frame and hooking up a chain to a sprocket system but then i forgot about the steering of this vehicle.
>     If at all if you have any plans on go karts can you please send me a few basic ones so i can get a better idea of what i am doing as to steer and also be able to break and to be able to make my progect move.
> yours greatly
> Nick

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