[Kartbuilding] your mail & centrifugal clutches

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Mon Aug 13 17:45:21 IST 2007


Its a pity the engine wont start. I know I tried a combination of giving 
the kart a gentle push while at the same time pulling the starter cord on 
the engine. It can be difficult however. As I mentioned, see if the engine 
will run with the rear of the kart up on blocks, thus allowing the wheels 
to spin freely.

As for centrifical clutches - YES - this is the best method. As I 
mentioned before, the following link contains a photo and the information 
needed to attach the clutch to your engine shaft. There is very little 
work required.

A quick search on ebay revealed:
and specifically, the following would do fine:

You need to be careful that you choose the correct shaft diameter to suit 
your engine. The above clutch has a 5/8" bore, 10 teeth, and is meant for 
use with #41 chain. That probably is too small. You would require a 3/4" 
bore at least.

This would do fine, however it is costly:

>From looking at whats available on ebay, I recommend buying a brand new 
centrifugal clutch off www.northerntool.com They only cost $35 brand new 
there. See:

Best of Luck,

On Mon, 13 Aug 2007, john bob wrote:
> Hi, I tried both ways by pushing and pulling, but there is too much of 
> tensins on the engine shaft, so when I pull the the engine shaft it bearly 
> rotates.So the option I have is to use a clutch.What is the purpose of the 
> clutch,how do you install it and where can I get it; ebay.I will send you 
> some pictures if that helps you.Thanksyou.
> _________________________________________________________________

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