[Kartbuilding] Steve - one quick question about 2 optional Torque Converters -

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Wed Jul 11 16:07:40 IST 2007

Hi Norm,

I done some looking on the www.northerntool.com website.
It looks as if you choose the Torque converter method, you *will* have 
some adaptation to do, to get it to suit your engine.

There are two methods:
1. Torque Converter
2. Centrifical Clutch

The Torque Converter will need a transfer(middle) axle to transfer the 
power via chain to the rear axle. Even if you choose the 5/8" type Torque 
Converter for your Engine shaft, the other part of the TQ will not fit 
onto the rear axle. A intermeditory/trans axle will have to be setup, so 
the power gets transferred to the rear axle.
See: http://webpages.charter.net/jeffparker/page20.htm
See: http://www.metropartsmarket.com/gokart/torque_converter_2.jpg
See: http://www.797-0807.com/images/large/gokart_ID12_05_LRG.jpg

It seems as if the torque converter is meant to bolt onto the engine, but 
the power must then be transferred to the rear axle using sprockets and 

The second option is the Centrifical Clutch and is way easier (however not 
very efficient). This option can be seen on the www.northertool.com 
website. Look under the "accessories" section on:

I previously wrote an article covering centrifical clutch drives on 
http://blog.kartbuilding.net Specifically the article is at:

I suggest that if you are not willing to do much modifications and work, 
to go the centrifical clutch route.

Best of Luck,

On Tue, 10 Jul 2007, Norm Chambers \(fiber.net\) wrote:

> Steve - I'm assuming I have to buy the Comet 340 series, since it's offered 
> in a 5/8 " bore, which would let me let it mount directly on the horizontal 
> shaft of the engine I already have.
> Or would it be better to get the Comet 30 or 20 seies and somehow adapt it to 
> the existing 5/8 " shaft?
> If adapting, how's that usually done / what parts should I search for? 

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