[Kartbuilding] kart plans

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Wed Jul 18 09:19:16 IST 2007

Hi Tony,

Yes - feel free to use any of the plans and material on 
www.kartbuilding.net There is also some kart plans on the blog at:

The eDrawings 3d version of the gokart is indeed very useful. It is also 
possible to measure any component, and create visual section views using 

The Honda 4.5hp engines are very typical and will work the kart fine, 
achieving speeds up to 25-30mph. You will need to obtain a "centrifugal 
clutch" to transmit the power smoothly to the rear axle via a chain. You 
can read more about this transmission on the blog also at:
The Honda 4.5hp engines have a typical 3/4" output shaft, so there wont be 
any problems with standard sizes. Those engines (which are all typically 
small variations of the same) are actually used on karts here in ireland. 
As a result, if you knew of any karting arena/track in your County, you 
could get an old/second-hand centrifugal clutch, and maybe a chain and 
rear axle sprocket to match!

Anyways, the very best of luck on this project. It will be a very 
worthwhile experience for all involved, providing much interest and 
motivation in getting the kart working and in testing it.

If you have any questions etc. feel free to email me.

Best of Luck,

On Tue, 17 Jul 
2007, antonybuckley at eircom.net wrote: >
> Hi Stephen I have just sarted a project with a group of troubled teens on go kart building and am very impressed with your modelI came across while searching on the net.Especially the 3D virson which is very explainetry.Is it ok if I use this as a guide for my project? and would a honda 4.5 hp engine out of a whacker plate be ok to use, it has a horizontal shaft, regards Tony.

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