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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Mon Jul 30 10:02:26 IST 2007


Putting the whole front end off a bycycle would be an easy way out 
alright. I cant say how sturdy or strong that would be. I would much 
prefer the front end of a motorbike, or scooter. (perhaps you meant the 
front end of a motorbike, Im not sure).

As far as the principle goes, its ok. You couldnt do very high speeds or 
fast cornering. Id say this setup would be limited to 20-25mph. If you 
wanted to go faster, you would have to provide suspension and vertical 
movement of the front end, so that when cornering hard/fast that the front 
end would lean into the corners. (similar to a proper motorbike+sidecar).

I found myself going through 2-3 different setups before Id decide on a 
final transmission and layout. You could always make this setup, see how 
it works, and change it to make it better.

Best of Luck,

On Sun, 29 Jul 2007, john bob wrote:

> Hi, as if you remember I was building a go kart and almost done.I am done 
> mounting the engine on the kart , putting the wheels. I don't want to go very 
> complicated as I want to start easy. To start of I decided I would make the 
> steering by attaching half of a bike in front , instead of making a the 
> steering system. I will work on that next time.To get my idea please go to 
> this 
> website:http://www.global-b2b-network.com/direct/dbimage/50255418/Right_Three_Wheel_Motorcycle.jpg
> If you think this is good idea or you  think there are better ideas please 
> give me some ideas.Thank you.

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