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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Sun May 13 09:59:13 IST 2007


Firstly, the transmission of the wooden kart is fully outlined on this 
Specifically the following diagrams:

The metal framed kart is difficult and requires a welder. Nevertheless it 
is possible to make a simple metal kart. The stages to making a general 
purpose kart (metal) are:
Make the Chassis using round or square tubing. (Square would be easier)
Mount the Rear Axle. (If you buy "pillow bearings" it will be easier)
Attach the Sprockets and Brakes on the above Rear Axle. (It is easier if 
you get the brakes and sprocket off a small motorbike)
Mount the Front Stub Axles and King Pins. (King pins allow front stub 
axles to rotate and turn from right to left.)
Complete the Steering. (i.e. track rods to turn the front stub axles; put 
the steering wheel and column in place and the steering drop arm to move 
the track rods from right to left.)
Mount the Engine and connect up the Chain to the rear axle.
Fit the Floor Pan (a sheet of metal to go ontop of the chassis)
Fit the Seat
Fit the Pedals (for the brake and gas/throttle)

Those are the basic steps to making the metal based kart. I cannot make it 
anymore simple. I suggest you look at the following webpages:
General Purpose Kart Plans: 
Racing Kart Plans: http://www.kartbuilding.net/racingkart/index.html
Racing Kart Plans in Photographic form: 

Best of Luck,

On Sat, 12 May 2007, AlexX SlexX wrote:
> i do not know hou the transmision works on a wood frame kart...thats why i want to built a
> metal frame one...i asked for help because the plans on the website are 
too complicated for my age....
> if you can help me...i would be verry happpy.

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