[Kartbuilding] Kart problems - Steering Problem (Track Rods)

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue Nov 20 16:10:10 GMT 2007

Hi Val,

I suspect that the problem you are having is as a result of track rod 
adjustment. If the ackerman angle which is applied to the steering arms is 
incorrect it may cause the front stub axles to lock up in an overseer 
Looking at:
If the track rods were allowed to turn too far towards the right or left, 
then a situation may arise where the steering arm turns too far. E.g. the 
steering arm on the left turns from the 5 o'clock position to 11 o'clock 
then it may lock up.
The easiest solution would be to weld "stops" to prevent the front wheels 
from moving too far left/right.

I hope this information/suggestion helps you.
Best of Luck,

On Sat, 17 Nov 2007, Val Al wrote:
> Hi i am sorry to bother you with this question.  But i ruly hope that you can help.  I don't have pics on my at the moment because the Kart is at a friends.  We are having problems with the steering.  The kart I have is a Baja Blaster.  Known as the BB65.  You can see it at www.bajamotorsports.net .  i have been trying to contact them but can't seem to get what i need.  When i drive the Kart and attempt to turn either right or left the steering seems to turn in too far.  and The tire seems to get stuck. is there something i have to do so that it won't happen.  Or is there some kind of change i can do to it maybe longer arms or a different way of attaching things.  I will take pics and show you wht it is i am working with.  Hope you can help.
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