[Kartbuilding] ackerman angle importance? - Photos of Kart

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue Oct 9 12:16:05 IST 2007

Hi James,

Sorry for not emailing you back earlier.
The kart looks very well. That was a nice bit of pipe bending there for 
the back of the seat. I wonder was it a thin wall tubing you used for the 
back of the seat? Did you have to use a former for the tube bending, or 
did you simply secure one end and use the ratchet straps to bend the tube 
into shape?

The hinged rear of the kart has good potential in allowing for suspension 
to be added to smooth the ride over off-road and bump roads.

If you have more photos of the rear suspension, the tube bending setup you 
have with the ratchet straps, I can put them up on the kartbuilding 

Hope the kart is going well.

Best of Luck,

On Thu, 27 Sep 2007, Computer Guru wrote:

> thanks for your help. i decided to build it the right way and get the tie
> rods that i wanted so that i would only have to get them once.
> i have included a few pictures for now and when its complete i will get the
> rest of the pictures on line also.
> picture notes: the "halo" bar i bent with a blowtorch and a ratchet strap
> (details later), i made the seat and back myself. its sitting on blocks
> because i made the frame to pivot for shocks (custom bushings)
> anyone who has comments on my welding ability, just know that i was using a
> arc (stick) welder, and i will grind the welds down and use a wire feed
> welder (a lot easier to weld correctly)
> it will be drivable tomorrow (thats when i get my tie rods in)
> and then to finish it off, i am going to paint the frame and the engine.
> thanks for all the information that you have!!!!!
> james

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