[Kartbuilding] power transmission

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue Apr 15 22:51:55 IST 2008

Hi Jonathan,

Yes - I know those Honda GX160 engines. They are quite popular, however as 
you said, a gearbox would be very beneficial in providing a low end gear 
and a high gear also.

While there is no special gearbox one can buy for a Honda engine, it is 
possible to adapt a gearbox from a motorbike engine. I have done this 
twice before to reasonable success.

The following photo album shows how I connected a Honda 90 motorbike 
gearbox to a Honda GX engine:
While it worked ok, the two chains and the total weight was a little much.

You mentioned trying to get a gearbox from a lawnmower, well the gears 
from a "self-propelled" lawnmower would be too weak for use on a go-kart. 
Ideally you would need a gearbox from a tractor/ride-on lawnmower. These 
can be quite difficult to come across, as a lot of them are setup with 
drive belts and pulley wheels. Again there is the problem of a total 
combined weight being very large.

Getting the gearbox from an old motorbike engine (where the piston etc. 
might be broken) would be your best bet.

Good luck with it.

On Sat, 12 Apr 2008, jonathan howley wrote:

> hi im Jonathan i came across ur website while researching a college
> project.. i must redesign the power transmission on a off-road go-kart...
> the kart has a standard Honda gx160 engine.. the idea i had was 2 fit a gear
> box but i cant find one anywhere in Ireland or on the web that will suit wat
> i want 2 do.. iv been trying 2 get my hands on a gearbox out of a lawnmower?
> any help or ideas u have would be much appreciated..

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