[Kartbuilding] wooden gokart

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue Jan 22 18:41:18 GMT 2008

Hi Sandy/Steve,

The kart you mentioned sounds very interesting. The name - "KINDER-WAGEN", 
seems german for "Child Car". There is some information about old vintage 
karts on my blog at: 
Perhaps you might be able to spot your kart there. Im not sure if you 
would be able to obtain the plans exactly at this stage as they would be 
more than likely in hardcopy format only. If you have a few photos of it, 
then it would be possible to reproduce the plans for it.
If you had some photos there, I would be interested in looking at them. 
You should be able to send photos with an email, although it make take a 
few minutes to attach the photos. You could look at setting up an online 
photo album at http://imageshack.us/ or http://www.flickr.com/ You should 
be able to email the photos directly however. Try using Sandy's email at 
yahoo again, as it will definately allow images to be emailed.

I hope the above website URL for vintage karts helps.

Best of Luck,

On Sun, 20 Jan 2008, Sandy Caravella wrote:

> Dear sir:
>    My name is Steve Seiler. Around 1963, my grandfather built a gas-powered go-kart out of wood. It was called a KINDER-WAGEN. The seat was wide enough ror two people,it had a "stick" on the center consol for forward and reverse. Throttle control was also on the consol. It was painted yellow with red fenders on the rear.
>    I am now 55 years old and have tried to locate plans for this with no luck. All I have is a few slides of this unique kart.
>    Have you ever heard of such a thing? If not, don't feel bad.....no one else has either!
>    I have no way to up-load these slides at this time, but if I've got you interested,,I'll try and find a way.
>    Since this is not my computer,please respond to:
>  Steve Seiler
>    Thanks in advance for your time
>                                            steve
> Sandy
> ---------------------------------

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