[Kartbuilding] questions about the kart

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Mon Jun 16 20:41:44 IST 2008

Hi Trent,

The engine I used for the Wooden Kart was off a push mower.
On the following page:
V-Pulleys are used. V-Belts and pulleys are used so that the drive belt 
will not slip off as it is rotating through 90 degrees. As long as the 
v-belt is kept tensioned/tight, it will not come off.

I hope the above explaination helps.

Best of luck,

On Sun, 15 Jun 2008, Trent Thurston wrote:

> My first question is wat type of lawn mower engine did you use? like was it off of a push mower or off of a rider? becuse if its off of a rider i dont understand how you solved the gas can prob.
> my second question is how did you get the belts to work. in ur diagram u have the mower having a pully spinning horizontally  and the pully on the rear axel is spinning vertically.
> thanks for the help
> Trent

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