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Hi John,

Thanks for the reply and the photo of the kart. Looking good. Fair play in 
getting it made over the weekend. I hope you didn't have to give up the 
wheels off your own lawnmower! :-)

I think it was around 9 years old when my dad made a wooden kart for me. 
One with the old spoked pram wheels. The wheels were actually useful as 
when people got tired pushing me, I could move myself around. Alas, the 
old spoked pram wheels are rarely seen.

I was just thinking of it too. You'll be busy pushing the kart over the 
Christmas! Unless there is a nice grass hill close by.

I'm glad you enjoyed making the kart. When I was making the karts, I got 
great fun and enjoyment. Nowadays I've the excuse of no time, but who 
knows, I may get a chance over the Christmas to take one of my old karts 

As for wooden kart kits. I'm afraid not. I don't remember seeing any! 
wooden go-kart kit on the internet. They're all gone to these new fangled 
pedal go-karts!
I think it was a great idea what you done - label the kart, make some 
instructions and then get him to build and assemble it on Christmas day! 
Wonderful thinking. For me, most of the enjoyment was in the making and 
putting together of karts.

If you have any other photos of the kart, feel free to email them on, and 
I can put them up on the kartbuilding gallery for others to see. ( 
http://www.kartbuilding.net/gallery/v/OtherPeoplesKarts/ )

Thank you very much for your seasonal wishes. Many happy returns.

Best of luck,

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Thank you Steve,

I already told a few people about the kart building website. One question - are 
there any companies that still sell wooden go-kart kits? I remember building 
them as a kid when I was 12 years old (50 years ago), from scratch, using hand 
tools.   I'm building this one (see attachment) for a 9 year old young man. He 
has no dad and his mom is a good friend. When she told me what he wanted for 
Christmas Thursday evening, well you can only imagine, I've spent the entire 
weekend, making a go-kart. At 62 years old, everything hurts - but it's a good 

He saw the go-kart on the Little Rascal's show with Spanky and Alfalpha and 
decided that was all he wanted for Christmas.

Building it brought back many happy memories of my childhood and his mother and 
I cut, labeled and built the kart only to take it apart, piece by piece, write 
some instructions, and pack it up in time for Christmas for him to rebuild.

It made my holiday.

May I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 
New Year.

John O'Hara

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> Hi John,
> Sorry for the slow reply.
> Yes, you can use any of the plans on the Kartbuilding website 
> (www.kartbuilding.net). The plans are free. What I mean by copyrighted is the 
> fact that they can't be re-distributed under a different name and sold. 
> Regarding the note on the drawing (which you included below) I was referring 
> to the 2D Plans rather than the kart. People previously have taken the plans, 
> recreated the 2D Drawings in MS Paint and sold them as their own.
> If you are using the plans well and good. If someone asks about the plans, 
> then it would be great if you mention the kartbuilding website to them where 
> they can read and see some of the information and details themselves.
> If you have any questions on the kart and/or plans, just drop me an email.
> P.S. thanks for asking regarding the use of the plans.
> Best of luck,
> -steve
> On Wed, 16 Dec 2009, John A. O'Hara wrote:
>> I'd like to know if I may use these plans to buld a go kart for my 
>> neighbor's son. The site says they are free, but the plans are copyrighted. 
>> Please advise, thank you.
>> http://www.kartbuilding.net/Wooden_Go-Kart_Plans/PDF_wooden_go-kart_plans_Imperial/Wooden_Kart_Plans_Inches_6.pdf
>> Free Wooden Go-Kart Plans :: How to build a simple wooden go-kart
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