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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Mon Jan 5 13:31:08 GMT 2009

Hi Jardine,

Aye - this lists email is just a recent addition. I still use the main 
contact email: kartbuilding[at]gmail.com for all emails, so it might have 
been that email which you used.

Good to know about the steering. I thought it might have been a bit heavy 
turing the threaded bar. A little grease goes a long way though.

As for emailing on photos, typically I get people to email the photos 
directly to the main email kartbuilding[at]gmail.com which takes up to 
10Mb. I then put them up on the kartbuilding gallery at 
http://www.kartbuilding.net/gallery/v/OtherPeoplesKarts/ and then email 
around the link via the lists. If you want to send on another few pictures 
I will put them up on the kartbuilding gallery all together.

Best of luck,

On Mon, 5 Jan 2009, Jardine wrote:

> Hey Stephen   Thanks for your reply.     If it was you I corresponded with 2 
> or 3 years ago it was'nt via this lists buisiness as I recall. Some other 
> website        Any way re: the steering - its as light as a feather. Even 
> standing still. Applying a bit of grease to the thread makes all the 
> difference.
> Re photos     I was sent a notice that I had overloaded the site with the two 
> pics I had sent. 40k limit and you had to approve the mail first. Is that how 
> it works or do I send pics to your address ?
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>> Hi Jardine,
>> Yip - the Kartbuilding mailing list does work and there are a few people 
>> who receive the emails. Thanks for your email and photos of your kart. I 
>> remember making a trailer for some of my early karts. It was good practice 
>> with the reversing of the kart!
>> As for the KingPin arrangement - its a handy one. I can't say I have seen 
>> it before, but it does make things easier. Does the steering be heavy when 
>> turning the steering wheel?
>> As for myself, the moderator, it was myself who would have been emailing 
>> your previously on the steering geometry. I took a quick look at the 
>> archived emails on http://lists.kartbuilding.net/ but I didn't find 
>> anything. I must admit though, I cannot remember you mentioning the 
>> threaded rod idea. A photo makes things much easier. If you do have any 
>> other photos, email them on, and I can put them up on the 
>> www.kartbuilding.net photo gallery.
>> Best of Luck,
>> -steve
>> Jardine wrote:
>>> Hey Kart builders ?     I dont actually know how this list thing works or 
>>> who reads this but if it is anybody who is interested in kart building 
>>> then you might find my kingpin arrangement as per the attached pics, of 
>>> some interest.
>>>  As you can see the stub axle is fixed to the threaded-rod kingpin by way 
>>> of the nut and grub screw - note the flat spot on the rod.
>>>  So the kingpin itself pivots through the nuts top and bottom. The thread 
>>> arrangement takes both vertical and lateral weight and the streering is as 
>>> light and smooth as.
>>>  Ok so as the pin pivots its 45 or so degrees the axels have to lift or 
>>> lower half a mm or so but hey, the kids have'nt bitched yet and with 8 
>>> degrees castor and kingpin inclination it would be hard to pick.
>>>  Also - the rubber bush, whilst a bit clunky, does a great job of allowing 
>>> pivot and flex without any slop.
>>>  Note the trailer, formerly a golf buggy, currently fitted with a seat for 
>>> our 1 yo.
>>>  Also the pair of feet pegs currently laying down that can pivot up and 
>>> lock in sideways for shorter legs.
>>>  What's missing in the pic is the engine who is currently writing this. 
>>> Amazing how effective a broom can be at transferring power.
>>>  This little outfit is a couple of years old now and has had a great 
>>> workout by heaps of kids.
>>>  And a note to the moderator - I exchanged a couple of e-mails re: 
>>> principles of steering geometry with a very knowledgable guy called ( I 
>>> think ) Steve I found on the web, before I set out to build the kart. I 
>>> promised to send him some pics when I was finished but the computer 
>>> crashed, lost the e-mails etc. I've trawled through the web recently 
>>> trying to find him and I was thinking perhaps it might be you. If so  - 
>>> cool - you might remember me from the threaded rod idea. If not pls let me 
>>> know and I'll keep looking.
>>>  Regards     Jardine
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