[Kartbuilding] Plans for a Lawnmower Powered Go-Kart - Finished

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Mon Nov 30 20:09:18 GMT 2009

Hi Drew,

Great job.
I must actually convert the units to inches for the Kart plans with the 
lawnmower engine at: 
The reason I didn't do it up to now is because I didn't think there was 
much demand for having the measurements in inches! I must update that.

Whenever you get back into the swing of things, drop us a few pics of the 
kart. Id hope to put them in the kartbuilding gallery.

Best of luck,

On Sun, 29 Nov 2009, Drew Bottar-Dillen wrote:

> Steve,
> Thanks for the response, I'll get back to you with photos ASAP.  Part of the issues I'm having with this build is all the measurements are in metrics.  I do my best to convert to our lovely American system, however you can only get it so close.
> Like I said though, I've got the photos, will attach to an email and get them sent in the coming days, life has gotten a little busy, and the kart plans temporarily sit 'on the back burner' so to speak.
> Thanks for your time,
> Drew
>> Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2009 21:31:54 +0000
>> From: sburke
>> To: andncarolina
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>> Subject: Re: Plans for a Lawnmower Powered Go-Kart - Finished
>> Hi Drew,
>> Thanks for your comment on the kartbuilding blog. Its good to hear that
>> you got the wooden frame all made.
>> Yes! Finding wheels and axles can be a bit of a problem.
>> What I done, was to use a diameter 13mm steel bar for the axle, and I
>> filed/ground down the ends of the axle to 10mm. I found that the inside of
>> a small bicycle wheel would *just* fit a 10mm diameter bar. It wasn't the
>> strongest and did break once on me, but it worked. What I suggest is that
>> you get a small axle and if need be file the ends of the axle down to 10mm
>> so the wheel will fit on. You might have to get a 10mm drill bit and
>> enlarge the hole in the bicycle wheel. Make sure not to weaken the wheel
>> too much.
>> As the axle is supported inside the Wooden holder (
>> http://www.kartbuilding.net/Lawnmower_Powered_Wooden_Go-Kart_Plans/front-axle-assembly.html
>> )
>> it would be possible to use a small size axle (10mm or 13mm).
>> What is the size of the hole in the bicycle wheels you have at the moment?
>> What size metal bars do you have for the axles? You should be able to get
>> it working.
>> I do agree. I wouldn't go buying wheels either as it does defeat the
>> purpose a little.
>> Yes! Please do email on some photos of your progress and the wooden frame.
>> I made these type of karts years ago, and alas I didn't think to take any
>> photos myself at the time. I can put the images up into the kartbuilding
>> gallery to help others. See:
>> http://www.kartbuilding.net/gallery/v/OtherPeoplesKarts/high-school-bogey/
>> Best of luck,
>> -steve
>> On Wed, 25 Nov 2009, Drew wrote:
>>> New comment on your post #61 "Plans for a Lawnmower Powered Go-Kart - Finished"
>>> Author : Drew
>>> Comment:
>>> Hi-
>>> I started building this kart back in October.  I have the entire wooden frame built, but I'm having some problems finding bicycle wheels with hubs that are wide enough to fit the thickness of the axles required to support the heavy frame.  I have considered buying wheels/axles/tires for the kart online, but I feel like that kind of defeats the purpose of specifically finding plans that use bicycle wheels.  Please email with any additional relevant information!  I'd also be happy to send photos of my progress (the wooden frame is totally finished, all with free lumber from my neighbor).  Thanks for your time!
>>> -Drew Dillen
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