[Kartbuilding] HI!

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Sun Apr 25 17:14:47 IST 2010

Hi Andrew,

You could use the wheels from a childrens bicycle. See: 

You could use wheels from an old trolley.
I know I used wheels from a Wheelbarrow. 

I suggest you ask your neighbours to see if they may have any wheels. You 
could also keep an eye on any skips or rubbish/parts that people throw out 
as you may find suitable wheels there. See: 

It can be hard finding 4 wheels the same size. If you can find 2 small 
wheels for the front and 2 large wheels of the same size for the rear that 
will work ok.

Best of luck,

On Mon, 12 Apr 2010, Veres Andrei wrote:

> Hi! My name is Andrew , i'm from Romania. I have a little problem with my study license :) ... I have a kart to build, and i need a little help... i don't have much money to invest and i don't know where i find second-hand wheels and rims, this is my big problem :)...I've build the chassis,i have the engine and i have a lot of ideas :) but a little help is more than a "dream" :).i'm sorry for my gramatical errors .
>  Thanks, Andrew

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