[Kartbuilding] New Hi perf kart

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue Jan 5 21:32:36 GMT 2010

Hi Oscar,

Good to hear from you. Thanks for the email and happy new year.
That outline sounds like this is going to be one heck of a Go-Kart.

One piece of advice I would have is to be careful of the electrics. I 
remember I went messing with the electrics off a motorbike engine, trying 
to sort out the 100's of wires! Well I blew the CDI ignition and it cost 
be a bit to replace!

I'll be interested to hear how the kart comes togther. There will be a bit 
of planning involved!

Best of luck,

On Mon, 4 Jan 2010, Oscar Forand wrote:

> Stephen,
>      I am designing a new kart for racing and parades for the engineering
> department of the school I graduated from.  I have acquired a 2006 Kawasaki
> Ninja 250EX motorcycle with only 2600 miles on the engine/6 speed
> transmission. The complete bike gives me everything that is needed to make
> the engine run.   The frame will be designed to place the engine behind the
> driver with the radiator up in the roll cage.   The front will have a
> suspension system similar to a "Quarter midget" racing kart  using coil over
> shock solid axle positioned by radius rods and a panhard bar.   I am
> planning to incorporate the bike dash panel to utilize the 13,000 RPM
> redline tach and the other instruments.  I am thinking of using 8" rims @
> the rear and 6" rims on the front and I'm investigating building custom
> front hubs to possibly use all wheel hydraulic disk brakes.   This one's
> going to be a big project!   I'll keep you posted on progress.
> Oscar

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